Affordable Tree Removal Services

Tree removal is a tree cutting service that would cut down a tree and completely remove it from your property. Tree removal Sydney is needed in cases where a tree has grown too large for its environment and if not removed could cause damages to any nearby structures or in cases when a tree is sick, damaged or dead and can not only cause damage to nearby structures but can also affect other trees and plants in their vicinity.

Tree removal can be achieved through different techniques depending on the size and species of the tree, its environment and location. The two major techniques used for cutting down a tree are the felling and lopping or sectional felling techniques.

Tree Felling

Tree felling is a tree removal Sydney technique that involves cutting down a whole tree with one cut at the base of its trunk. That would force the tree to fall down as a whole on the ground.

This tree removal in Sydney technique can be employed when the tree does not have a really big crown and it has enough space to fall without causing any damages. The tree doesn’t have to be completely isolated, if there is enough space at least in one direction, the tree could be directed to fall safely in that direction.

Tree Lopping

Tree lopping can stand for removal of branches or parts of a tree or a removal technique, also known as sectional felling. This technique involves the removal of a tree by cutting it down in sections. First, the branches are being cut till the trunk is left bare of branches, and then the former one is being removed from the top, section by section.

The tree lopping technique is being used when the tree or tree that need to be removed is too large to be cut down as a whole or when they reside in a restraint location and felling them down would cause damages to nearby plants, structures or goods on your property or neighboring property.

Tree Removal Services Sydney

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